Mother And Brat Stories (29)


These days we have been watching a movie every night. So while we are waiting post dinner, for the man of the house to select a good movie the brat and his aunt are talking.

Aunt: You must be thrilled now that you are a teen.

Brat: 😏 why do you think I should be thrilled 

Me: Don’t make faces, aren’t you happy you are a teen

Brat: Why would someone be happy just because they are a teenager now? All of you as per your convenience keep telling me ‘you are a teen, you are grown up, be responsible and act responsibly’ OR ‘you are still a teen, don’t think you are grown up and act smart with us’

So am still confused if am grown up or a kid, what is there to be happy about it?

Brat’s aunt and me a trying to figure out how to counter him…. meanwhile 

Brat: Well, I am actually excited about being 13, not because of your vague reasons; but because this year my age corresponds to a Fibonacci number and the Fibonacci series was discovered in the 13th century. You see there should be some science behind being happy or else it isn’t happiness 😈😈

We are still wondering why on earth did we have to ask him anything at all 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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