The Royal Bengal Detective

Today early in the morning I happily packed off my son in his school bus, I say happily because for these few hours that he will be in school I will get some respite from his unending questions while his teachers will bear the burn 😛 (on a serious note I am happy that he asks so many questions, for that is indicative of a thinking mind). On my way back, guess whom did I bump into?? None other than the famous multiple National award winning actor, recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke award, Bengal’s debonair detective Feluda – Soumitra Chatterjee. While I kept staring at him; to my surprise he came near me and wished me ‘Good morning mam’, I was so embarrassed by then that I was tongue tied, I couldn’t recollect whether I should be wishing Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening!! And to my dismay, he walked away even before I could find my speech back.

Coming to the reason why I was staring at him, ofcourse since even at an age of 70+ he is immensely handsome, his persona commands respect and more importantly his face has a beautiful glow – a glow that comes through harnessing excellence. This glow of excellence is so rare to find, that it instantly mesmerized me and then my rustic brain had to think something. Here are my thoughts that were triggered on sighting The Royal Bengal Detective – Soumitra Chatterjee. Why is excellence so rare to find? Why is excellence is so much a part of the past?

How often have we praised someone even when they didn’t deserve the praise? Most of us did that pretty often, and we do that with our kids as well, ofcourse our intention is good most of the times since we think that this will encourage and motivate them. But unfortunately this is a dangerous trend, for we are killing excellence and breeding mediocrity by showering praises when it isn’t well earned. Why? Cause we are bringing down the standards, the next time the person does something they will set the benchmark accordingly cause we made them believe that this is the best they were capable of and we do not expect anything better than this. Thus instead of making people believe that ‘Sky is the limit’ we are limiting them to skyscrapers! Thus excellence is so rare to find these days. May be we are less patient and unwilling to give our best, may be we are complacent and thus happy nurturing ‘Jack of all, Master of none’!!

Of all the golden-agers  that I have interacted with, I realized the one thing that was common to most was hardships, struggle, authoritative yet affectionate parenting and passion to shine bright. Getting a word of praise was a mighty difficult task, for you had to be exceptional to be praised. May be that’s where the clue lies as to why excellence is so much a part of the past. May be the way to motivate a person would be to make them believe that they are yet to deliver their best and make them yearn to receive praise, what say??

Am finally done with my blather for tonight, and am off to sleep, hoping to meet The Royal Bengal Detective in my dreams. As I sign off, I leave you with the picture of the enigmatic Royal Bengal Detective.

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