Mother and Brat Stories (27)


As the COVID cases rise in our complex, calling the house help is out of question. As I sweep the floor, Brat is following me. 

Brat: MA in a grenade, why are there carvings on the outer covering?

Me: Umm, to make it look beautiful.

Brat: MA! Grenade kills people.

Me: Yes I know, probably the idea is ‘Let there be beauty in death’

Brat: 😳 

( I can sense he can’t believe what he heard, but well who thinks about a grenade!!)

In the evening, Brat is again following me around the house.

Brat: MA do you know why they show people duck and lie-down when a grenade explodes?

Well, those carvings are actually shells and act much like a bullet. The actual explosion doesn’t kill many people, it is these shells that hit people which are responsible for killing so many people when there is a grenade explosion. And people duck because that way only their feet is exposed, so less surface area and hence low probability of being hit by one of those bullet like grenade shells.

Me: Whoever reads about grenades!! Don’t you have better things to read.😡😡

Brat: MA looks like your curiosity is on a sabbatical. Btw Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and yet you are so happy when someone gets a Nobel prize, and here I am only reading. 😇😇


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