Mother and Brat Stories (21)

Brat is back from school.

Me: What’s the news today? 🤗

Brat: MA our teacher said that the school has secured 100% board results. The highest score all over India is 99.9%. But MA our language teachers tell us that irrespective of how good we are, it is never possible to score a perfect 100 in language. 🤔 I think in boards teachers are trying to encourage students and hence giving more marks and setting wrong standards for us. I feel bad for good students since their intelligence is overshadowed by the ones who got more marks even without deserving it. When these undeserving students get the marks they deserve in college they will not be able to accept it neither will their parents accept it. MA why is humanity becoming negative? Btw please make me some milkshake, I am tired after such a lot of thinking 😙😙

Me to myself: how is it even possible to give such an answer for a simple question 😳😳I don’t think I understood what he meant. Humanity negative ??!!?? Was he referring to me? 😶And referring to all the beatings he gets from me while I teach him!!

Phew!! Kids are so Complex, I was such an easygoing kid, so easy that it made my parents uneasy 😛😛😛😛

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