Mother and Brat Stories (20)

A week back Brat comes back from school annoyed.

Brat: MA Roald Dahl betrayed me, I lost a mark in biology just because of him.

Me: How is that remotely possible!! He was a great writer not a biologist.

Brat: MA I loved his book James and the giant peach, a house spider was stuck on the wall for 3 years. The biology question paper had a question ‘what is the lifespan of a house spider ‘ and I wrote 3 years; while my friend wrote ‘kill at sight’ and I was laughing at him. Now he is laughing at me because his answer was closer, a house spider lives for 3-4 days.

Me: 🤭🤭 that’s ok.

Brat: I learnt an important lesson, friends can sometimes be enemies. My relationship with Roald Dahl is that of a frenemy now 😔


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