Mother and Brat Stories (19)

The strongest and longest desire I have ever had, was to become a doctor. However that wasn’t to be. Now that brat and me are forever glued to each other, my scheming mind thought it was the right time to subtly push my baggage of unfulfilled dreams onto him.

Me: Biology is such an interesting subject, it would be so good if you became a doctor one day. The kind of research Stanford school of medicine does, is mind boggling.

Brat: I already have a couple of my cousins pursuing medicine.

Me: So? 🤔

Brat: If I too became a doctor our family members will be perpetually confused as to which one of us they would consult, hence to avoid confusions in future I will choose some other field, and as they say ‘too many doctors in a family spoils the case’ 😇😇At present I think I want to be Kenny Rogers or Leonard Cohen, their ballads are just so beautiful.

Huh! So my baggage was returned to me even more subtly 🙄🙄

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