Mother and Brat Stories (18)

The lockdown has given us plenty of time to talk to each other and indulge in nonsensical talks and banters.

Brat: Ma do you know who are known as assassins?

Me: You shouldn’t even think of such people, why are you asking about assassins? Are you sneaking into my phone and seeing horrid videos? Did you hack my password? The internet is filled with evil people waiting to lure innocent kids.

Brat: Ma decades back, in Arab countries, there were a tribe of bad people, who would smoke Hasish and derive pleasure by killing people brutally. They came to be known as Hassins, meaning people who smoke Hasish and kill innocents. Thus the origin of the word Assasins. Ma the world is filled with scared mothers, who listen less and think more. Ma you have an overactive and over-reactive heart and brain. šŸ˜‡šŸ˜Ž

Huh! Brat and his newly acquired Nirvana!šŸ™„

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