Mother and Brat Stories (17)

A couple of days back brat and me went to a store to get groceries. Brat was assigned the task of picking up body wash and soaps.

Brat: MA you should use men’s soap or body wash

Me:😳 why?

Brat : The Women’s soaps have written on them ‘seductive fragrance, fair skin’ and so on. But we use soap for killing germs, personal hygiene and cleanliness. Your soaps does none of these, they are cheating you. On the other hand my soap claims 99.99% germ killing; hence my soap is ethical and value for money. Do you still want one of those or one of mine?

Me to myself: 🤦‍♀️🙄 since when did shopping become such a difficult task

Me : yours will do 😏

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