Mother And Brat Stories (9)

The brat is going through the pics of a recent vacation

Brat: MA I don’t agree with the oxford dictionary meaning of Family

Me: Uff now what’s the problem with that? You think no end of yourself! How can you challenge something that’s been teaching us the language since ages!!

Brat (ignores my gyaan): MA the dictionary says that parents and siblings or blood relatives are family. But that’s not true.

Me: 😄😄 then who is?Brat: MA anyone with whom you feel a deep connect, with whom you feel secured, who loves you and whom you can love, and respect are family too. I think Ranjan uncle Romi aunty and didi are family too (family friends with whom we went for a vacation). 😊 now I feel happy, I like this new definition, it makes my family even bigger. Btw MA you are too bookish, think out of the box, book rules and definitions too have scope for improvement 😏

Me: 😳

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