Feelings, Emotions, can there be a measurement scale?

Respect, Love, Hate, Sorry, Gratitude, Trust are much abused words. Why? Because many choose to use them rampantly, without meaning them, and mostly to manipulate other people’s emotions. In a world where majority are superficial or artificial in their people to people transactional skills, our emotions and feelings take a bashing almost everyday.

Consider a situation where you have done something to make the situation favorable for someone. You did not expect anything in return. However, if the person came and expressed their gratitude, you are bound to feel good and a sense of contentment will prevail. If, however, the same person came and told you that whatever you did wasn’t anything great, their feeling of gratitude is 6 on a scale of 10; how would you feel?

Say someday, you went an extra mile and got a special gift for your child. The instant shower of love and affection from the child will make you feel on the top of the world, as if nothing else ever mattered. If, however, the child told you that it loves you 7 on a scale of 10 because you are expected to bring gifts and you did nothing extraordinary; how would you feel?

If someone keeps telling you that they respect you for your thoughts and for who you are. Then one fine day you express your thoughts in an open forum, and the same person is not too happy. So later the person comes to tell you that because you spoke your mind their respect for you is now 5 on a scale of 10!

Well, for all these situations and many more such, always remember emotions and feelings are very complex yet very simple. Why simple? Because there is no scale of measurement for them, you either feel them or you don’t. You either Love or you don’t, you either respect someone or you don’t; most importantly the absence of love is not hate and absence of respect is not disrespect, it’s just that you do not feel those emotions for a said person.

In our quest to achieve greater heights, often we use and abuse these myriad emotions and feelings, conveniently to manipulate people to be in their good books or to get work done and so on, the reasons can be many, nevertheless unjustified. Our emotions and feelings are simple, we try to complicate them by using it as a weapon for our adventures or misadventures. The only true gift you can give yourself is to be true to your feelings, after all there is something called integrity, but then again not many will know what it is 😉

In case I happen to have hurt anyone’s feelings, then am Sorry – 0 on a scale of 10 🙂

Copyright of the pic does not belong to me, it is an image available on net.

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