When I Die

When I die

Dont cremate me

Give away the mortal remains

For the experiments of Science


When I die

Don’t shave your head

Instead remember the beautiful  memories

And let me live on; in your heart.


When I die

Don’t follow rituals

For my soul won’t need it

Cleanse your soul instead

And wipe out any hurt I may have given you


When I die

Don’t feed humans at the funeral

Its a race that’s let itself down

Feed animals instead

For they silently bore the burden of disasters we created


When I die

Don’t cry

Love me now instead

While I am alive.

~ Anuradha Chakraborty Chatterjee



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7 responses to “When I Die

  1. Jayanta

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing

    Keep up your creativity


  2. Sandeepa Batiwala

    Beautiful lines Anu. I m highly impressed. Quite a meaningful writeup pointing at the essence of valuing life when u r still alive and before u lose someone and also it throws light on how one can stay alive even after death. Great Thoughts👍.


  3. Pranabesh Chanda

    Amazing lines. ………extremely touching


  4. Surangama Sarkar

    Beautiful thought Anuradha, perfectly penned down . Thanks for sharing.


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