Twists of Fate – A book review


Mumbai-Kolkata-London. The three cities mentioned in this novel, and coincidentally I have lived in all three of them. It took me completely by surprise to see how well the author has captured the essence of these cities, especially Mumbai. The story revolves around three friends Sharvari-Parizaad-Nandani. Each of these characters are well crafted and are unique, in fact even the side characherts are very well etched. The book starts with Sharvari and her family and honestly I almost felt as if my childhood and teenage years were being replayed. There is one place which mentions Sharvari’s desire to buy a gold bangle for her mother and that is mentioned so subtly yet it draws home an important point – the sacrifices the middle class makes to bring up their children well. Nandini reminds me of the children’s classic story ‘Ugly duckling’, how beautifully the author has crafted this character who evolves as an epitome of true beauty in spite of facing all odds and emotional turmoil. With this character the author successfully points towards a very pertinent issue some of us face or gave faced at some point – body shaming, weight issues and a disturbing family life leading to low self esteem. At this point I must mention that the author did a brilliant job tackling this sensitive issue. Parizaad is a character who will hold you captive until the story ends, and her mother Mrs Tanaaz is truly endearing. Hold on there is more, the sudden disappearance of Pari and her mother will baffle you and the author yet again manages to weave in a small mystery there. Read the book to know more 🙂

The language used is simple and free flowing and thankfully unlike most debutant authors who use abbreviation, SMS language, hinglish; the author sticks to using proper English with impeccable grammer. The book is a page turner and will keep you hooked on to it. The book cover is good and the three butterflies on the cover is a nice way of representing the main characters of the book. The book is a celebration of friendship and life. This is one book that you must pick up for a good read. Kudos to the debutant author Priyanka Naik.

You can get a Copt from the link below.

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