Robe, Robe, Robbed!!

Today my son and his friends had a drawing competition event at their school, they had to draw their perception of Incredible India! Now are you wondering what’s the connection between Incredible India and Robe?? Nothing in specific yet a lot. A few weeks or probably a month back I had mentioned in a post that someday I would write how respect and clothes are connected and this is precisely what I am gonna ramble about. We all (barring exceptions) are very particular about our home and we usually keep it clean and protected from strangers and scoundrels, we take pride in our home, isn’t it? Similarly we definitely must take pride in our body and not make it an object to be ogled upon – the operative word here being ‘object’. The moment we treat our body as an object, we are disrespecting it, if our thoughts are our identity, our body gives it a concrete face and the human identity and hence it is an extension of who we are. Clothing and clothing appropriately is a way of showing respect to our self, just the way we wouldn’t let strangers into our house, why would we let strangers have a free show of our body. Does it serve any specific purpose? May be my puny brain is blissfully unaware of it. Many argue that people will de-robe you anyway, in their imaginations, point is let them – that is beyond our control, but why will you de-robe yourself in the name of fashion and feminism (most feminists do not know an ounce about feminism, to some it only means counter attacking men and pitting women and men against each other and THAT certainly is not feminism!) and liberation!

Ask a child of any nation to draw a picture of their mother and father, 99 of the 100 will draw their parents properly and appropriately clothed, even the ones who see their parents in bare minimum, will still draw well attired parents. No one ever teaches children that this is how they should portray their parents but it is out of sheer respect that kids no matter what will always draw well clothed family picture.

As goes the age old saying ‘Be a Roman when in Rome’, and quite so; it is only logical to wear clothes keeping in mind the country and place we live in (again I am not saying that women covered from head to toe don’t get raped, that’s not the point). When I was a kid, we were taught community living as a part of the school curriculum (community here is not a religious community, instead it is the neighbors and the people around us). This helped us know how to behave in harmony with our neighbors, how to communicate respectfully with people around us, what are the things important in making a good holistic society. For some strange reason community living is no more a part of the regular school curriculum and thus maybe we have such a confused generation, miss matched society and mix n match community 😛 , absurd moral policing, and bizarre protest rallies.

Imagine two set of groups, one that has men women dressed in jeans, pants, suits, kurta dhoti, saree, salwar, knee length/ ankle length skirts (women included in the ones wearing jeans, pants). The other group wearing hot pants, see through tops, boxers, net tops, bikini tops, trunks, etc; and the country being anyone in Asia. Honestly which group of people will you look at respectfully? (Be HONEST to YOURSELF).

And that’s precisely why clothing is directly related to respect.

I hear a lot of people say ‘Bring up your boy’s well, teach them to respect women’, this a cliched line and I have heard tons of celebrities and pseudo celebrities say this. But isn’t it also necessary to bring up the girls well? Shouldn’t the line say ‘Bring up your children well, teach them to respect fellow human’?? And finally this is indeed Incredible India and like every other nation this nation too has its good and bad, so while we are a nation at work (read trying to progress, trying to shed bias and superstitions) let us take a closer look at ourselves and figure out if we indeed have any beliefs and thoughts or are we blindly mouthing the words we hear on air, all in the name of modernization and end up living a superficial life.

I end my blabbering with this – Before we pounce to de-robe the nation, community, world, society – Please robe thyself and don’t be robbed of thy self-respect!

Here’s a fun song 😉

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