Eeww the Remedial classes

If the mother happens to be a chatter box does the son become a chatter box by default… Or is the clue hidden in the surname ‘CHATTERjee’… hmmm well my offspring has a chatter box for a mother and the surname too 🙂 thus he has a super potential to keep on chattering. And to be honest, I hate it when he chatters a little less. So today he gets down from his school bus and starts blabbering about the events that followed in his school, and then comes the highlight of the day, he reveals that one of his classmate has to now attend remedial classes. Just incase you thought that the little one was upset for his friend, well you are mistaken, for he was delighted that his friend was sent to remedial class, for my son perceived a remedial class as some sort of a puncture to ones prestige (which certainly is not the case, a remedial class always aims at helping students get better), and given the fact that this very friend has been gobbling up his tiffin for a couple of days , he was delighted that GOD himself was punishing his friend by sending him off to remedial classes. Kids can have weird logic at times and its hard to counter them!

Trying my best to be a good mother and impart good values to my offspring, I tried explaining to my son about these classes. Making it clear to him that going to a remedial class doesnt make someone a bad student, instead its a way or an opportunity given to the child to better themselves and who knows they might just manage to become class toppers if they take these classes seriously. Trying to make him understand why a student might not be faring well in studies; I gave him various reasons my peanut sized brain could think of. I told him, many a times the parents may have money in abundance but might not be well educated, in such a case the child due to lack of proper guidance at home, may end up with low grades; to which my son replied “Ma that means one doesnt necessarily have to study to earn money, is money more important or studies? I will work accordingly”. Clean bowled!! Pretending to ignore his question, I gave him yet another example, told him that many a times when both parents are working and busy with their professional life, it becomes difficult for them to spend time on a day to day basis with their children, in such cases though the parents are educated, due to lack of time they are unable to provide guidance or teach the child on a regular basis. As a result the child may have doubts regarding studies for which he needs help and the remedial classes will provide him just that. After some thought my son replied ” Oh I get it ma, GOD and his parents decided to punish him for the wrong he did to me, and thus they conspired together and packed him off to remedial class”. Stumped!!!!

Well I havent given up yet, and while I try to improvise my case and present it to him again tomorrow, I leave you with a drawing made by the little brat. 🙂

Pushkans tiger

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