The Promise to protect no matter what! Raksha Bandhan

As a kid I often wondered was rakhi some sort of pleading, asking the brothers to protect you, for I always knew whether I tie the rakhi or not my brother will always protect me from the big bad world no matter what. Today when I think back, I realise how incomplete my childhood would have been had my parents not gifted me my brother. I was all of five when this little bundle entered my world wearing a black and grey shirt and my world changed from that day on wards. All the fights, secrets, joys, heartbreaks and above all love, made our childhood, teenage even adulthood all the more memorable. That one bond which I cherish the most, often have I thought of my brother as my first baby and my own baby being the second one.

Now when I see my son growing up and so many of his friends who are also growing up as single child of their parents, I twinge with pain, for I know what my son is missing out by not having a sibling to love, care, share and fight. I know for sure these kids will never experience the beauty of a complete childhood. May be that’s why in today’s world its immensely important to stay connected with friends and relatives, for that way these  children will get a feel of having siblings by connecting with their cousins… makes sense??

Interestingly in today’s newspaper I read an article which mentioned that in a place in Kolkata, men tied rakhi to women pleading them not to use section 498A unjustly against any men. Though amusing, but it brings forth a very pertinent point, its not just women who need protection from all the men who ogle, eve tease, rape and thrash her, but also men who need protection from the very same reasons, the difference being men usually due to their sky high egos, do not report abuse done to them by women. We as human have reached a rock bottom, wherein we don’t even spare children from physical, mental and emotional abuse. And why forget the old people who are constantly fighting to live with their head held high since we humans are constantly trying to strip them off their dignity.

The entire human race- the good ones, need protection from the evil form of human race. We and only we can protect a fellow good human and thus ensure a better, less evil world for our generation next.

I end my prate for tonight, leaving you with a poem by Tagore, which never fails to inspire me.


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6 responses to “The Promise to protect no matter what! Raksha Bandhan

  1. Very well written Anu, proud of your writing skills……….


  2. sailaja

    Very well – written. Wish to see more☺


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