And thus begins tête-à-tête

Just in case you thought that you have landed on a maths tutorial page, looking at the name acsquare; you are sadly mistaken 🙂 Maths and me were introduced to each other right in early childhood, but unfortunately for Maths I decided not to give it much of an importance. Thus since then we have been running parallel to each other, blissfully aware of the others presence but knowing for sure that we wont ever merge to meet 😉

Reading the above rambling if you are still interested in knowing why I landed here, then let me tell you, thats exactly the point, I want to peacefully ramble at the end of each day about whatever i feel like.

Warning!! My feelings are as weird as I am 😀 So this one place where I get to decide what I want, am going to be scribbling about friends and foes, fights and cuddles, health and wealth, fashion and fiasco, children and grandparents, sun and shade, life and death. And as an after thought I would also like to mention that if any of you do happen to glance by and leave a comment, be sure I will read it, and shall delete it too if I dont like it 😉


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