Mother And Brat Stories (29)


These days we have been watching a movie every night. So while we are waiting post dinner, for the man of the house to select a good movie the brat and his aunt are talking.

Aunt: You must be thrilled now that you are a teen.

Brat: 😏 why do you think I should be thrilled 

Me: Don’t make faces, aren’t you happy you are a teen

Brat: Why would someone be happy just because they are a teenager now? All of you as per your convenience keep telling me ‘you are a teen, you are grown up, be responsible and act responsibly’ OR ‘you are still a teen, don’t think you are grown up and act smart with us’

So am still confused if am grown up or a kid, what is there to be happy about it?

Brat’s aunt and me a trying to figure out how to counter him…. meanwhile 

Brat: Well, I am actually excited about being 13, not because of your vague reasons; but because this year my age corresponds to a Fibonacci number and the Fibonacci series was discovered in the 13th century. You see there should be some science behind being happy or else it isn’t happiness 😈😈

We are still wondering why on earth did we have to ask him anything at all 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Paradox of Idolising

The pandemic has mostly confined me to the safety of my home. And being home for months together provides innumerable topics to ponder on, my brain mostly comes up with vague ones. So, yesterday night some random show on the TV set me thinking on what do we look for in our idols or role models. After wracking my brain and constantly arguing with myself I came to conclude that, the person we choose to idolise, in them we look for the traits that we lack!

Did that surprise you? It did surprise me initially until I could finally convince myself of this earth shattering truth 😀 . Let me explain, in case you are still reading my ramblings.

I idolise Dr. APJ Kalam, I find him to be an exemplary human being. He had a childhood that was filled with adversities; I had too. He fought all of that and his positivity and determination, hard work, made him a scientist par excellence, a visionary and a human in whom one could see reflection of God. I fought too, however my lack of determination, laziness and clouds of negativity refrained me from being the remarkable scientist I wanted to be; it may be worth noting that I did become a scientist albeit one that made no mark. All that I lacked in me, I saw in him. All that I ever wanted to be, he was all of that (including the president part, as a child I always dreamt of being the president of India 🙂 ).

Consider someone who idolises MK Gandhi. Someone who doesn’t bat an eyelid while lying for convenience, who loves to indulge in gossip and never fails to stop the car to witness a fight and derive pleasure out of it (most of us are guilty of one of these at least). And thus this person actually throws the three monkey concept of Gandhi right out of the window bringing in the paradox. Yet to them Gandhi is their idol cause they see him devoid of the vices they are fighting to get rid of.

Subhash Chandra Bose was known to be fearless, brave, and much respected leader, we owe our freedom to him. Now take someone who idolises Netaji. Someone is constantly seeking approval of their actions from others, who does things not out of conviction, but to please others, in an attempt to become popular. Someone who lacks the guts to stand up for what is right. This person idolising Netaji is a paradox. He seeks the qualities he lacks but wished he had, and sees them in this great leader.

Thus lies the Paradox of Idolising.


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The Royal Bengal Detective

Today early in the morning I happily packed off my son in his school bus, I say happily because for these few hours that he will be in school I will get some respite from his unending questions while his teachers will bear the burn 😛 (on a serious note I am happy that he asks so many questions, for that is indicative of a thinking mind). On my way back, guess whom did I bump into?? None other than the famous multiple National award winning actor, recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke award, Bengal’s debonair detective Feluda – Soumitra Chatterjee. While I kept staring at him; to my surprise he came near me and wished me ‘Good morning mam’, I was so embarrassed by then that I was tongue tied, I couldn’t recollect whether I should be wishing Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening!! And to my dismay, he walked away even before I could find my speech back.

Coming to the reason why I was staring at him, ofcourse since even at an age of 70+ he is immensely handsome, his persona commands respect and more importantly his face has a beautiful glow – a glow that comes through harnessing excellence. This glow of excellence is so rare to find, that it instantly mesmerized me and then my rustic brain had to think something. Here are my thoughts that were triggered on sighting The Royal Bengal Detective – Soumitra Chatterjee. Why is excellence so rare to find? Why is excellence is so much a part of the past?

How often have we praised someone even when they didn’t deserve the praise? Most of us did that pretty often, and we do that with our kids as well, ofcourse our intention is good most of the times since we think that this will encourage and motivate them. But unfortunately this is a dangerous trend, for we are killing excellence and breeding mediocrity by showering praises when it isn’t well earned. Why? Cause we are bringing down the standards, the next time the person does something they will set the benchmark accordingly cause we made them believe that this is the best they were capable of and we do not expect anything better than this. Thus instead of making people believe that ‘Sky is the limit’ we are limiting them to skyscrapers! Thus excellence is so rare to find these days. May be we are less patient and unwilling to give our best, may be we are complacent and thus happy nurturing ‘Jack of all, Master of none’!!

Of all the golden-agers  that I have interacted with, I realized the one thing that was common to most was hardships, struggle, authoritative yet affectionate parenting and passion to shine bright. Getting a word of praise was a mighty difficult task, for you had to be exceptional to be praised. May be that’s where the clue lies as to why excellence is so much a part of the past. May be the way to motivate a person would be to make them believe that they are yet to deliver their best and make them yearn to receive praise, what say??

Am finally done with my blather for tonight, and am off to sleep, hoping to meet The Royal Bengal Detective in my dreams. As I sign off, I leave you with the picture of the enigmatic Royal Bengal Detective.

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I am Fine or Save Me?…..The answer my friend is blowing in the wind….

I was there that night right beside you

Laughing with you and taking care of you because something upset you

Did you realise then that it was actually me who needed help

Did you realise then that I needed you more than you needed me

Today when you write on SM that you are here to listen

Is that not fake?

I was there I was screaming from within and you couldn’t hear

Do you mean tomorrow if I quit SM you won’t be there to hear me out or help?

That’s really ok

All I was looking for was a real person in the world of fakes

I was there at your doorstep because I couldn’t bear to be alone

And when you said you will always be there for me

I thought you meant it

That night I knew you were inside but your doors didn’t open for me

That’s really ok

All I wanted was an honest friend

I was sitting next to you, telling you what was going on in my mind

You told me a lot of things

You told me how suicide is a crime and how everyone’s life is a struggle

Do you think I didn’t know that already

You told me I was indulging in self pity

That’s really ok

All I was searching for was an empathetic listener who would just listen to me without judging me

I was there at the party right behind you

When you were making fun of me and telling everyone how you find me to be boring

When the rest were laughing at my expense, you joined them too

That’s really ok

All I was looking for was someone who was kind

Tonight as I stand on my balcony parapet wondering which place was better, the sky above or the earth below. And then I decided to embrace the earth to live in the sky above, for the earth failed me each time I wanted to live. You failed me each time I cried for help. But rest assured dear friend I shall not trouble you anymore. But as you live on, remember to be kind, true and non judgmental. That’s all it would have taken to save me.



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Mother and Brat Stories (28)

Post dinner, am reading a novel, brat and his father are watching some random movie that is action packed. A particular fight sequence is playing out, supposedly the climax, the fight sequence is happening in a lavish beautiful kitchen. Prior to the kitchen fight sequence, there were fights in deserts, in military bases and so on.

Brat: Baba did you notice one thing?

Father: Yes, the fight sequence is too good.

Brat: No, not that. Baba I just realized that the kitchen is the most well equipped place for all murder weapons; the scissors, the peelers, the cork opener, can opener, and innumerable knives. We better be careful, we need to be in Ma’s good books.🙃

Father: 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Me: 🤭🤭🤭🤭 (totally delighted with brat’s observation)

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Mother and Brat Stories (27)


As the COVID cases rise in our complex, calling the house help is out of question. As I sweep the floor, Brat is following me. 

Brat: MA in a grenade, why are there carvings on the outer covering?

Me: Umm, to make it look beautiful.

Brat: MA! Grenade kills people.

Me: Yes I know, probably the idea is ‘Let there be beauty in death’

Brat: 😳 

( I can sense he can’t believe what he heard, but well who thinks about a grenade!!)

In the evening, Brat is again following me around the house.

Brat: MA do you know why they show people duck and lie-down when a grenade explodes?

Well, those carvings are actually shells and act much like a bullet. The actual explosion doesn’t kill many people, it is these shells that hit people which are responsible for killing so many people when there is a grenade explosion. And people duck because that way only their feet is exposed, so less surface area and hence low probability of being hit by one of those bullet like grenade shells.

Me: Whoever reads about grenades!! Don’t you have better things to read.😡😡

Brat: MA looks like your curiosity is on a sabbatical. Btw Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and yet you are so happy when someone gets a Nobel prize, and here I am only reading. 😇😇


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Mother and Brat Stories (26)

A couple of COVID cases detected in our complex hence our treasured walk within the complex has come to a halt. We are back to playing indoor games, arguing, reading and browsing through old albums.Brat is seeing the pics in one such old album.

Brat: MA you looked so pretty back then ( back then is pre- marriage era, and to very child their parents are the best looking people around, so don’t read much into it)

Me: And now? 🧐

Brat: Umm….. you were prettier

Me: Yeah I know; now am not as pretty. Huh! After effects of marrying your Father 😈

Brat is now in a fix and is thinking hard how to save his father 😆😆

Brat: Well, actually I wanted to say you look prettiest now after marrying baba.

And I am having the last laugh 😂😂😂

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Mother and Brat Stories (25)

We are sitting in the veranda and chilling.

Brat: MA do you know there exists gender inequality

Me: yes absolutely agree

Brat: just imagine The lady justice is a woman, Statue of Liberty is a woman, earth is our mother and so is the universe. Where have all the fathers gone?

Me: 😳😳😳😳😳😳

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Mother and Brat Stories (24)

Am sipping tea and watching brat and his father, as they ready themselves for a chess match. Brat is arranging the chessboard

Brat: Baba from next match onwards you will arrange your side of the board and I will arrange my side.

Brat’s father: Why? Not done. If you want me to play you will bring the board, arrange it and after the game you will put it back in place. Understood?

Brat: My PM has asked everyone to be AtmaNirbhar. So next game onward I will bring the board, I will arrange my side, you will arrange your side of the board and then after the game you will keep it back in place. 😇

Brat’s father: 😳😳🤐🤐

Guess who is all smiles, and being thankful that for once the googly is aimed at someone else 😆😆😆😆

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Mother and Brat Stories (23)

We ventured out of our house after 3 months, to take a walk in our campus. Our discussions as usual ranged from books to science to inventions and so on. Brat is primarily the speaker while I am waiting for my turn forever 🙄

Me on finally getting a chance: Tell me what did you learn during this lockdown?

Brat (instantly): Never to trust China or the Chinese

Me: Just because of Xi, you can’t label all Chinese as untrustworthy and…

Brat: Sorry that was the wrong answer. Correct answer, I learnt to be patient. Phew! With baba and you constantly hovering above my head all through these gruelling months; patience is definitely something I have acquired during this lockdown 😂😂

Me: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

P.s. I still am determined to complete my unfinished lecture once I get the chance.

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